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Essentially, provides subscribers with a daily 22-minute news report covering global events from the latest political developments to entertainment news to gossip and sports. There is also a variety of novelty segments running the gamut from celebrity interviews to Internet culture. They even have their own resident "Naked Nerd " delivering the latest dish on the world of video games, comic books, science-fiction and fan conventions.  Okay, I know what youíre thinking. "Why is this guy reviewing a NEWS site on a website devoted to reviewing adult entertainment? " Well, in case the name didnít clue you in, itís because the news at is delivered by a team of beautiful women wearing nothing but a smile! first hit the Internet more than ten years ago, in December of 1999. It was the worldís first nude news broadcast, and it spawned many imitators - including an embarrassing attempt by the Playboy Channel, and a much-ballyhooed Russian cable TV version - none of which are around anymore. The longevity of confers a degree of respectability to it, as does the fact that their founding newswoman, the beautiful and classy Victoria Sinclair, is still an integral part of the broadcast team.

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17th February 2019

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16th February 2019

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.. maintains a substantial, searchable archive of episodes, organized by date, segment type, and anchor, just in case you have a favorite or two. Personally, my favorite parts of the show are when the ladies go off-script and take to the streets, doffing their duds for frequently hilarious "vox pop " segments with bewildered members of the public. But the biggest surprise about this show by far is the news element, which is so professional, it puts most local news shows to shame. In fact, these ladies would not look out of place in any large-market news program. Some of them and a few even have national-level newsreader skills. Then again, that"s the point, isnít it? does what new media was meant to do: test the limits of taste, push the boundaries of acceptability and bring you risky, edgy content that conventional media companies would never dare to touch.We bring you sexy news reporters getting bukkakes! These girls love getting cumshot facials and they love showing it on camera for you to jerk off to! Get ready to see sexy asian bukkakes, girls getting cummed on by many guys, and sexy women getting cum baths!

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