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Tired of the same old news?  We have something special in store for you!  Our news site is sure to perk your interest because we report the news naked!  Our News Reporters report the new fully nude, the newscasters strip off their clothes until they are naked and the anchors are topless.  To sum up, is one part legitimate news program, one part light-hearted entertainment, with a liberal dollop of sexy, cheesecake, burlesque-style striptease thrown in for good measure. The ladies are that proverbial spoonful of sugar that lets the medicine of the news go down. It's a unique recipe that the producers have spent the last decade perfecting. And you know what? It tastes pretty darn good. would still be a bargain at twice the price.


"Just the Bare Facts. The Naked News Has More Appeal Than Just the Nudity."


"Like, didn’t "Naked News TV" just premiere on pay- per-view? Reality imitates fantasy."  
-Boston Herald


"The audience …would like its news to be more like entertainment shows: better stories told by attractive personalities in exciting ways. There’s 'Naked News. It’s a woman giving the news as she’s getting undressed. OR, on the other hand, you could have two boring people behind a desk." 
 -Les Moonves, Chairman CBS television.


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